HUA– Control the Elements of Nature

Hua - position of hands

Hua – position of hands

HUA– Control the Elements of Nature

The eighth center of power is located on the cortical surface of the brain.
It is known as the Thousand Petal Lotus because, when visualized, this is the imagery created.
When the Chi permeates this center, the sensation in the body is one of floating upward to the surface, much like the blossoming of the lotus.

When the serpent power passes from the lowest center through the psychic channels and junctions to this level, the energy in these begins to spin as each is opened.
At this time the marriage of spirit and matter occurs, and the individual consciousness unites with the universal consciousness.
This is a state of ultimate bliss, rarely achieved even by those who practice a lifetime.

The ascending practices for this and the next level are achieved through specific exercises which are similar to those given for the first seven centers.These are always given verbally by master to student.
They cannot and should not be described.Let it be sufficient to state that the finger-knitting kanji illustrated represents the suffusion of the conscious into the Infinite, and enables the practitioner to exercise his will through the five elements.

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