Ninja Exercises

Turning the Wheel

Just as one cannot plunge headlong into the practice of Qi Gong (breathing exercises), one cannot return to the real world from such an experience without some transitory phase.
The ancients have taught the following movements to calm the mind and body and return them to a more balanced condition before the conclusion of the exercise.
Suddenly standing after any of the preceding techniques would almost certainly result in the blood rushing from the head, causing one to faint before the heart can compensate.

  • Extend the left arm out to the side.
  • Bend the arm at the elbow and rotate the arm in a circular manner counterclockwise thirty-six times.

Repeat this action with the right arm

  • This stimulates the Yang Yu and Yin Yu channels of the arm.

Two Hands Uphold the Sky

  • Lift the left leg off the right hip and extend it in front of the body; lift the right leg off the left hip and extend it.
  • This releases the Lotus position.
  • Clasp the hands together and raise the arms above the head, turning the palms over as they pass the face.
  • Inhale as the hands ascend from the lap to the head, and exhale as you push upward.

Repeat this movement nine times

  • Place the palms on the sides of the legs just below the hips.
  • Stretch the legs and slide the palms down the sides of the thighs, knees, and calves.
  • Bend the body forward and touch the head to the knees while grasping the outside of the feet with both palms.
  • Inhale as you return to a sitting position, and exhale as you bend forward. Repeat this movement twelve times.
  • This will stimulate the legs and keep them straight.

With the completion of the transitory exercises, the Ninja has accomplished the basic movements of the first nine Mind Gates.

These must be mastered before one can even attempt those which deal with the more specific techniques of the acupuncture meridians, the four seas of the body, the six solid and the six empty organs, and so on.

Meditation is the key to Inner Strength

These exercises are among the most ancient known to Man and represent the most basic that should be known by any Student. From them flow a myriad of therapeutic and healing techniques.

Understanding of the self makes it possible for the Ninja to understand others, thereby anticipating their movements and reactions.

This can be of tremendous significance in espionage or battle.

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