The positions

Full Lotus Position

Sit in a Full Lotus Pose, right foot sole uppermost on the left thigh, left foot sole uppermost crossing the right shin, locking it into place, on the right thigh.

  • Relax the shoulders, straighten the back, do not lean. Close the eyes and empty the Mind. This is often difficult, but the purpose of meditation is to calm the surface of the Pool of the Subconscious. Human Beings see the reality as it is reflected in this magic mirror.

If the surface is troubled, then one cannot see or think clearly. Thus the symbolism of the Water element. This will calm the mind, heal the body, and help you to see yourself inside.

  • Clench the fists and place them on the knees, palm uppermost. This will aid in diminishing your thoughts and enable you to concentrate on the experience of inner energy.
  • Take three deep breaths, imagining the numbers 3-2-1 with each as you count down to relaxation.
  • At the conclusion of the third breath, imagining the numeral 1, swallow and place the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth. This connects the psychic channels of the body at the crown and the base of the torso.
  • Click your teeth together thirty-six times. Do this lightly and at an even pace. This calms the heart, even in times of stress.

Beating the Heavenly Drum

  • Interlock the fingers, place the place on the back of the head, covering the ears. The fingers should touch the base of the skull.
  • Place the thumbs below the ears. Gently apply pressure with the palms. Relax the shoulders. This will warm the ears and benefit the kidneys.

If your mind is calm, you will feel the beat of your pulse. Breathe slowly and deeply without sound nine times. Think of each breath as water filling a glass. The air is drawn into the lower lungs first and fills them from bottom to top. When exhaling, let the air flow out of the upper lungs first.

This draws the Qi to the seat of breathing  the Hara or Tan Tien, the One Point.

This is the bodys physical and spiritual center, located approximately two inches below the navel. You will know when you feel it.

  • Continue to rest the hands on the back of the head. Beat the index fingers alternately against the base of the skull at ear level twenty four times. This stimulates the brain, prevents deafness, and helps one achieve longevity.

Opening the Heavenly Pillar

The Hara is the Golden Stove of Ninja alchemy, whereby the base elements of the personality, the lead, are boiled away in the fire of the belly which is kindled by drawing the breath and its life giving Force deep into the lungs, filling them with Qi.

The steam created by this process rises up the spine to the mysterious chamber of the skull. To accomplish this, the gates of the Heavenly Pillar must be opened.

First by this chiropractic turning exercise, then by the Kuji Kiri keys.

  • Open the hands and place them on the thighs.
  • Open the eyes, turn the upper body from the waist, twisting to the left then to the right, forty-eight times. This stimulates and exercises the neck and upper spinal cord.

Bringing the Energy to the Palms

  • Place the left palm over the right and rub in a circular manner from left to right twenty-four times.
  • Then reverse the hands, right over left, and repeat. This will stimulate circulation. The hands are now warm.
  • Place the palms on the back above the kidneys. Rotate both hands vigorously on the back twenty-four time.
  • Then hold the hands over the kidneys for a few minutes. This will strengthen the kidneys, improve the posture, and increase vitality.

This area is known as the Gate of Life. The exercise is called Kindling the Fire.

Relax, rest the hands on the thighs, close the eyes. You are now ready to begin the breathing exercises.

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