The preparation

One cannot embark on the path of enlightenment all at once.
Development of the mind can be achieved only when the body has been prepared.
The breathing exercises given here are strenuous in the extreme-some may produce unconsciousness.
The shock to the body could be quite severe unless proper precautions are taken.

Therefore, people with heart trouble, chronic ailments, diabetes, or similar infirmity are advised to practice only these preparatory exercises for at least ninety days before attempting the breathing techniques.
Nor should this practice be undertaken while under the influence of any form of medication, narcotic, or alcohol.

The following exercises prepare the body for the experience of inner energy.
They are certainly Chinese in origin, therapeutic in nature, and essential to Kuji Kiri practice. Similar exercises are found in many Yogic traditions.

Some hold that this series of movements (excluding the breathing techniques given here) is derived from an ancient Chinese medical exercise known as the Eight Pieces of Brocade.
But, certainly, the Nine Finger Knitting positions or Mudra that follow, each of which represents a gate on the Heavenly Pillar of the spine, and that are often called the Nine Keys of the Mind Gate, are the core of the practice.

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