To be a ninja

To be a Ninja, indeed to even contemplate the Silent Way, one must be a hunter.

This means that he knows the ways of his prey.
He studies their habits, patterns of movement, and routines.
In this way, he can strike when they are most vulnerable, or trap them in their own habits.
To be a Ninja, an invisible assassin, one must be a warrior. This means that he accepts responsibility for his actions.
Strategy is the craft of the warrior.

To be a Ninja, one must be a wizard.
This means that he can “stop the world” and “see with the eyes of God.”
This is the essence of Mugei-Mumei No-Jitsu, which is translated to mean, “no name-no art.” Secrecy is the hallmark of being a spy.
To be a Ninja, one must be strong, one must know, one must dare, and one must be silent.

Uniform of the Ninja

The costume of the Ninja is basically that of the stage handlers of the Kabuki theatre.

  • The Ninja uniform consists of :
  • Black Ski Mask, as camouflage paint or “blacking” of the face is time consuming and cannot be quickly removed.
  • Black overjacket, often reversible to disguise the appearance.
  • Black Belt or sash.
  • Black Coveralls, with blousing ties at the wrists, elbows, knees, and ankles.
  • And, Black Tabi, split toed socks made for wearing with sandals.

The soft sole of these protects the feet and helps muffle the sounds of walking.

The traditional uniform also included the hakima which is a divided skirt for formal wear, leggings, and a light tunic of chain mail.
The costume of the Ninja was called Shinobi Shokozu.

Black is considered the “traditional” color because it was used by the Kabuki stage handlers. Solid black “stands out” at night among the true shadows cast by moon and torchlight.
Therefore, most Ninja schools used brown, gray, or red uniforms.

Red had the advantage of being black at night, with no sunlight to reflect the crimson color; a fact known only to those who studied light and shadow as a Neolithic science.
When it came into the firelight, however, the color returned. And psychologically intimidated the enemy through the association of red with the fear of blood.

This trick was also used by the Spartans of ancient Greece, who wore red capes to frighten the enemy and conceal any wounds they might receive in battle.
An example of Saimenjitsu (Hsi Men Jitsu) the Way of the Mind Gate.
Ninja terminology for the study of the mind, psychology.

Only the Ninja stood between the peasants and the princes. Only they could pass through walls and strike at the heart of the enemy camp.
That is why it is forbidden to use this Art for personal gain. That is why it is full of hidden philosophical lessons.

In this way the Ninja is protected by the armor of righteousness, and can do no wrong.

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